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A Glimpse of Suffolk

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A Glimpse of Suffolk    Equipment

My photographic equipment started with a Zeiss Ikon bellows camera which took 8 shots on a 120 size film.  From this I progressed to a basic Prinzflex 35mm camera followed by a Kowa H.  The Kowa was a fixed lens 35mm camera with wide and telephoto supplementary lenses.  I processed all my own films by now.  When the Olympus OM series of cameras appeared I was smitten both with the attention to detail and the quality of the lenses and resulting images.  Eventually I managed to get an OM2 followed many years later by an

OM 4.  I tried several wide and telephoto lenses with these camera but exchanged them for genuine Olympus lenses which I never regretted.  I still have my OM 4 and associated lenses but the camera has not been used for some years now after my conversion to digital.

My digital life started with an Olympus (what else?) CZ40.  This was a surprisingly good camera but a bit chunky.  This was swapped out for a Panasonic long zoom camera for its pocketability.  

My first decent digital camera was the Olympus E1 SLR.  Although only 5.5 Mpixels this camera taught me once again that high quality lenses are everything.  Many of my images proved (to me at least) that multi mega-pixel sensors are not essential for high quality images as long as the lens used is of a very high quality.

For every day use I purchased an Olympus EPL2 which is very light and goes everywhere with me.