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A Glimpse of Suffolk

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A Glimpse of Suffolk     Equipment

The benefit to me of staying with Olympus is not only the continuing standard of colour rendition but also the ability to use all of my Olympus lenses and flash equipment.

With adaptors all my lenses can still be used.  I have 35mm lenses as well as 4/3rds lenses and finally micro 4/3rds lenses.

I only use the flash and macro flash equipment with my E1.

I use the Olympus iB software on my computer for image downloading and storing.  My images are taken and stored as both JPEG and RAW files and copied for back up purposes to my NAS duo home network device.  Adobe Photoshop is used for analysis and manipulation of the images as necessary and particularly for resizing prior to printing.

For printing I have always used HP Photosmart printers.  HP Photo paper seems very good indeed but I also use Kodak and Fuji paper from time to time depending on my requirements.

Small image prints are mounted using 3M double sided photomount adhesive material which I buy in huge rolls.  I use both a rotary cutter and a guillotine for final trimming of the images on card.