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A Glimpse of Suffolk

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  Wildlife and Scenic Images from Suffolk

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A1 Bar tailed Godwit

A2 Juvenile Gull

A3 Curlew

A4 Great Tit

A5 Lapwing

A6 Widgeon

A7 Nuthatch

A8 Redshank

A9 Redshank & Turnstone

A10 Tufted Duck

A11 Turnstone

A12 Dunlin

A13 Oystercatcher (no waves)

A14 Oystercatcher with waves

A15 Two Oystercatchers

B1 Common Darter red (m)

B2 Blue tailed damselflies mating

B3 broad Chaser NE

B4 Broad Chaser NW

B5 Common Blue Damselfly NNE

B6 Darter NNW

B7 Darter S

B8 Darter W

B9 Emperor laying

B10 Broad Bodied Chaser (F)

B11 Emerging large red damselfly

C1 Covehithe Tree

C2 Covehithe Tree in sea

C3 Covehithe Tree stumps

C4 Orwell Bridge

C5 Orwell Bridge with Tree trunk

C6 Poppy Field

C7 River deben to sea

C8 Tide Mill


D1 Orange bee NE

D2 White bee NNE

D3 White bee NNW

E1 Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar

E2 Comma Butterfly

E3 gatekeeper on green leaf

E4 gatekeeper on white

E5 Holly Blue

E6 Hover fly on Allium

E7 Hummingbird Hawk Moth

E8 Red Admiral 1

E9 Red Admiral on pole

E10 Ladybird small

E11 Ladybird Large

E12 Ladybird medium

F1 Christmas cactus Flower

F2 Amaryllis Apple Blossom

F3 Amaryllis close up

F4 Cowslip Vertical

F5 Cowslip Horizontal

F6 Inside red tulip

F7 Red tulip through side

F8 Monty full face

F9 Monty half face

X1 Happy xmas tree

X2 Happy xmas arch 1

X3 Happy xmas kissing trees

X4 Seasons greetings tree

X5 Seasons greetings arch1 post thru

X6 seasons greetings arch 2