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This is page 1 of two pages of harmful ingredients in many everyday products

Just look at these harmful ingredients and what they could be doing to you

Alpha Hydroxy Acid An organic acid produced by anaerobic respiration. Skin care products containing AHA exfoliate not only damage skin cells but the skin s protective barrier as well. Long term skin damage may result from its use

Aluminium A metallic element used extensively in the manufacture of aircraft components, prosthetic devices and as an ingredient in antiperspirants, antacids and antiseptics. Aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer s disease.

Animal Fat (Tallow) A type of animal tissue made up of oily solids or semi solids that are water insoluble esters of glycerol with fatty acids. Animal fats and lye are the chief ingredients in a bar of soap; a cleaning and emulsifying product that may act as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bentonite A porous clay that expands to many times its dry volume as it absorbs water. Bentonite, commonly found in many cosmetic foundations, may clog pores and suffocate the skin.

Collagen An insoluble fibrous protein that is too large to penetrate the skin. The collagen found in most skin care products is derived from animal skins and ground up chicken feet. This ingredient forms a layer of skin that may suffocate the skin.

Dioxins A potentially carcinogenic by product that results from the process used to bleach paper at paper mills. Dioxin treated containers sometimes transfer dioxins to the product itself.

Elastin of high molecular weight A protein similar to collagen that is the main component of elastic fibres. Elastin is also derived from animal sources. Its effect on the skin is similar to collagen

Fluorocarbons A colourless, non inflammable gas or liquid that can produce mild upper respiratory tract irritation. Fluorocarbons are commonly used as propellants in hairsprays.

Formaldehyde A toxic, colourless gas that is an irritant and carcinogen. When combined with water, formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant, fixative or preservative. Formaldehyde is found in many cosmetic products and conventional nail care systems.

Glycerin A syrupy liquid that is chemically produced by combining water and fat. Glycerin is used as a solvent and plasticiser. Unless the humidity of the air is over 65%, glycerine draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface., which dries the skin from the inside out.

Kaolin A fine white clay used in making porcelain. Like bentonite, kaolin smothers and weakens the skin

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