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What is wrong?

1.Toxins, pollution and nutritional deficiencies all threaten our immune system and wellbeing: our very energy is under constant attack.

2.Processed food often lacks essential natural nutrients & enzymes, lost in the manufacturing process.

3.Modern intensive farming depletes the soil of minerals. Artificial fertilizers are now needed to grow crops in earth exhausted of its natural goodness.

4.Washing can never remove all the residues left in food by pesticides and herbicides.

5.Chemical preservatives keep food from decaying. Unfortunately nothing in nature has prepared our systems to cope with these additives.

6.The list of hazards goes on    medication, alcohol, traffic fumes etc.

Feeling tired in mind & body, ill and lacking energy? What is your body trying to tell you?

7.What are you taking?

Are the nutritional supplements you take natural & pure?

At Your Life and Your Body we believe there are 4 stages to achieving natural health.

1.Cleanse - eliminating waste and toxins from your cells

2.Nourish - feeding your cells with natural essential nutrients

3.Strengthen - creating energy and good health

4.Avoid - making sure that you avoid all harmful ingredients

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